How to Apply for UK Visas in Nigeria?


You can apply for a UK visa in Nigeria through the nearest visa application centre, run by their commercial partner; VFS Global. This commercial partner only collect visa application forms and supporting documents, biometric finger scans and the visa application fee. They are not involved in the decision making process.
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1. Download and complete the appropriate forms; you can download the forms from the “Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visa Application Forms” page (see Resources) At a minimum
At the Mexican Embassy at Abuja, Nigeria: 39 Usuma Street. Maitama District. Abuja. Nigeria. Phone: (09) 462.0630. From outside Nigeria: +234.9.462.0630.
1) Go to the website, read the information provided and submit an application online. 2) On the same website, follow the prompts to make a payment and to
You will always need at least the following documents: Supporting documents may include: Although straightforward visa applications can be processed within 24 hours, this is not always
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