How to Apply for US Tourist Visa?


The first step to applying for a USA tourist visa (B2) is to get a digital picture of yourself taken, which will go with the application forms. Then you will need to complete the visa application form (Form DS160) over the internet. Then you will have to pay your visa processing fees ($140 as at 2011) and lastly set up a visa interview appointment and later appear for the interview. Depending on which country you come from the interview may be done over the phone, email or internet.
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Research the country you are visiting to see what visas are required. For workers, you will need more than a tourist visa. For visitors to the United States you can apply at the U.S
Here are the easy Steps for US Visitors Visa Application. Step 1: Get a Digital Photo and a paper photo for each applicant. Step 2: Filled a DS-160 Application Form. Step 3: Pay the
1 Preparation: Your valid passport which must have at least six (6) months of remaining validity with at least one blank visa page in it. One completed Visa Application Form with
Easy things first. You will pay $131.00 for each visa application. That is 131 x 4 = $524.00. The process is to pay the application fee at any BDO, Citibank corporate center branch
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You can apply for an American tourist visa B2 by going to the US Embassy or Consulate. The B2 visa is used for tourism and pleasure. ...
To apply for a tourist visa one needs to give the original passport with at least 2 blank visa-designated pages, Two copies of Russian visa application form, completed ...
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