How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly?


To apply foundation flawlessly, first choose one that matches your skin as best as possible. Check the colour of the foundation in bright daylight. Before applying the foundation, cleanse your face properly. Pick up the foundation with a damp sponge and apply it starting at the centre of your face moving outwards. Remember that less is more, never use too much foundation. Use a concealer to cover up any blemishes the foundation couldn't cover.
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1. The first step to have beautiful glowing skin is always treating your body right by eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, not smoking and limiting alcohol consumption.
Creating a flawless foundation may appear difficult especially after several attempts that will end up with blotches, patches and caking. When you look at magazines, you will see
It all depends on the the type of foundation that you are using. Here are steps for liquid foundation: 1. Start with a clean face, and make sure you've applied moisturizer with an
I use a foundation brush. This gives you a flawless look and theres no white patches or marks or lines or whatever. I recommend a foundation brush to you. The best one to get would
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To apply foundation, you should obtain a color thats close to your skin color. Apply some liquid to your fingers and then rub in well, to the face. Make sure you ...
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Applying makeup foundation is easier to do than most people think. Moisturize your skin first and apply a primer. I apply my foundation with a brush instead of ...
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