How to Apply Gel Nail Extensions?


To apply gel nail extensions, first prepare the nails by removing the shine and applying a dehydrator. After that, apply a thin coat of primer and let it to dry before applying the first coat of gel. Next, apply a second coat of gel and ensure that it is a little thicker that the first one. Then, add the arches, cure, and apply a third coat of gel. Lastly, cleanse the nails and polish it to give it a shiny look.
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To apply gel nails you can glues the tips first. Then you will need to cut and file them down to the length you desire. Once you have the gel set up you can dip the brush and in short
1. Buff the top of your nails to remove any natural shine you have. Apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry all the way. 2. Brush a thin layer of nail gel onto your nail using
1. Take off old nail polish. Gel nails need to be applied to clean nails, so the first step is to remove your old polish. Use nail polish remover to take it off, or go to the salon
To apply light-cured gel nails, a nail technician applies a pre-mixed gel consisting of
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How to Apply Gel Nail Extensions
Gel nails give the beauty conscious another alternative in nail care. Gel overlays create a sturdy artificial nail bed -- and corresponding nail tip -- that can withstand everyday wear and tear, better than a natural nail. In addition to durability, gel... More »
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Clean the nails of your polish with a cotton cloth and nail polish remover, pick suitable sized nail for the finger you are working on and place file the nails ...
UV gel refers to a special odourless gel that is applied to a person's regular nails and then cured with ultraviolet light. It is used on artificial nails which ...
A gel overlay manicure is a beauty procedure that applies a gel polish mixture over natural nails. Gel application is done in several fine layers. These layers ...
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