How to Apply Handcuffs?


To apply handcuffs correctly you need enough training. This is because if put them on too tightly, the handcuffs could cause tissue damage. The subject needs to have their hands behind their back with their thumbs up.
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Applying handcuffs is easy! All you have to do is place the person's wrist in the cuff and close it at the point where the cuff is small enough that they cannot remove their hands. Do the same with the other cuff.
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You were correct in your description. You need to "load" most handcuffs. That is have the handcuffs on the last two notches. I wouldn't keep it on the last notch because
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I have applied cuffs with no "wiggle" room at all, not squeezing tight but no slack, double locked. Then I witnessed the inmate (who many of you may have seen on tv if you
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