How to Apply Kinesio Tape?


Organize on wearing the tape for days at a time to get the full benefit of the procedure. Use the tape to extended arms to sooth shoulder muscles. Cut the Kinesio tape into a Y-strip for tender neck muscles. Extend the leg before use Kinesio tape to lower extremities. Make use of an X strip of Kinesio tape for arm muscles.
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How to Apply Kinesio Tape
Unlike typical taping methods that are used to stabilize a joint or hold a splint, Kinesio taping is utilized to support muscles and increase the circulation around injuries and painful areas. The Kinesio taping techniques originate from the practice of... More »
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1 Plan on wearing the tape for days at a time to get the full benefit of the procedure. Look for Kinesio athletic stretchable tape that is also waterproof to be able to wear it in
The Kinesio Taping Method is a system of treating acute and chronic muscle and joint injures in which Kinesio tape is applied to the surface of the body. Kinesio Taping differs from
Kinesio(TM) Tape was not developed in the 80s by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase (Pronounced "Kas-ay" Komp, filed for a patent March 8, 1965 (Patent No. 3,523,859) and
1 Cut one 'X' strip tape, the length should be about 3cm shorter than the distance from your elbow to wrist. Ad 2 A
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Kinesiotaping is one method to help scoliosis, curvature of the spine. To use this method, it must first be determined which muscles are imbalanced. This will ...
You can buy Kinesio tape at Kinesio Taping store, Physio Room and at Tesco Direct. Kinesio Tape is a super-thin, highly elastic therapeutic tape that is normally ...
Kinesio sports performance tape. ...
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