How to Apply Make up to Look like a Vampire?


To apply make-up like a vampire, first, apply pale foundation and then using different shades of eye shadows and blush, apply some colours beneath the eyes to make dark circles. After that, use thick and dark eyeliners to line your eyes, and then apply a very dark shade of lipstick, preferable black. Subsequently, using the eyeliners, emphasize on your eyebrows and eye lines to create an evil and dark scary look. Finally, if you have scary contact lenses, put them on, and then let your hair down.
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1. Cover the entire face in the whitest make up you can find. Use either costume makeup that is pure white or use a liquid foundation in ivory. Blend the makeup well over the entire
1. Use pale foundation for your face. In general, use a light foundation that suits your own skin tones best. You might choose to use white foundation but such a look would really
Pretty, and Sparkely.
After Bella is changed, she looks stunning. She has brown hair, white skin, and perfect features all round, apart from her top lip being slightly out of balance to the bottom lip.
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