How do you apply Portaflek?


Portaflek belongs to a category of paint that is best applied by spraying, or flecking, it onto a desired surface. This can be done by using a pressurized paint fleck spray unit. Some home improvement stores rent these type of sprayers. Others sell products, such as the Portaspray Plus Extra Multi-Fleck Sprayer.

According to Air Supplies Compressed Air Specialists, a pressurized paint fleck spray unit is a machine that includes a paint spray gun that is pressurized using a pressure container. In most common designs, the pressurized tank consists of a 2-gallon drum that is linked to the paint gun by a 6-meter-long hose. Spray units of this kind can usually handle a 5-litre can of portaflek paint; and, this type of unit helps to apply an even coat of paint to any surface.

Portaflek is a decorative, paint finish. The four main kinds of paint finishes are: flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss. Flat paint finishes are easier to apply because they require less preparation. Flat finish paint sets more evenly onto rough surfaces and does not reflect light as well, which hides imperfections on the surface. Eggshell finishes are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned with a wet rag or cloth and readily resist stains. Semi-gloss paint finishes are more durable than flat or eggshell finishes. However, they dry with a much brighter sheen to them which can make imperfections more visible. Gloss pain finishes are best used for furniture, door trimmings and other such surfaces as they leave a hard, shiny, almost acrylic gloss to them.

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