How do I apply smoky eye makeup?


To achieve red carpet-ready smoky eyes, use a multi-tonal eye shadow palette. Apply the shadow in a way that illuminates the eyes and use a liberal dose of mascara. Follow these steps for smoky, seductive eyes.

First, choose an eye shadow palette. Shades of gray are a popular choice, but brown palettes are also effective. Apply foundation to the lid to form an eye shadow primer, then take an eye shadow brush, dampen it slightly and dip it into the darkest shade of shadow. Use the brush to draw a line along the upper lash line and the lower lash line.

Next, take the medium shade and fill in the space between the lash line and the eyelid crease. This helps to contour the eye. Then take the lightest color on the palette and fill in the space between the crease and the brow bone. Also use this light shade around the corners of the eyes and beneath the lower lashes. This helps to make the eyes appear larger and minimize dark circles.

Once this is finished, return to the darkest eye shadow shade. Draw another line along the lashes, and smudge with a cotton swab or a finger. For the finishing touch, curl the lashes and apply dark, volumizing mascara.

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1. Apply eyeshadow primer onto clean lids. Groom and trim brows to frame your eyes and face. Fill brows in with an brow powder or pencil to fill sparseness and give definition. 2.
You apply black eyeliner to the inside of the bottem lid, the you smear a dark eyeliner or eyeshadow right across the top of your eyelid along your lashes out past your eye, Smudge
1 Choose a good concealer . Always choose one shade lighter than your skin tone and completely cover any dark circles . Since the smoky eye is very dark, you want to be certain you
There are all types of smokey eyes, you can choose between them. Take a look on youtube and type in: smokey eyes and usually, there would be some tutorials showing you how to apply
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How to Apply Smoky Eye Makeup
You can apply smokey eye makeup using a mix of two different shades, such as a chocolate smoke and a gray smoke, defining the eye at the base of the lashes and topping everything off with a soft color of powder. Add some smoke to your look with this free... More »
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