How to Apply Unna Boot?


There is document on the website with detailed instructions on how to apply a Unna Boot. Basically you wash your hands, clean the ulcer on your leg, apply a a foam pad to absorb drainage if needed, wrap the leg in a circular fashion with the Unna Boot. Start 2 inches above toes, include heel and go up to one inch below the knee.There should be no wrinkles or creases. The Unna Boot should then be covered with self adherent wrap.
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1. Wrap the unna boot starting underneath the patient's first metatarsal, which is roughly two inches from the tips of the toes. 2. Continue to wrap the unna boot until it reaches
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I saw this question and it intrigued me so I checked it out (since I'm in a chair). I found this answer on a nurses website. Basically the boot works with the movement of the calf
Seek emergency medical attention or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222.
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How to Apply the Unna Boot Application
The unna boot is a bandage that is used to treat ulcerated wounds such as on the legs. It is constructed to include zinc oxide and a gelatin mixed into a paste that is in ways similar to the plaster casts used for broken bones. This barrier prevents a... More »
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