How do you appreciate and thank someone?


One can show appreciation and thanks to another person by expressing it verbally or by performing a significant action. Simply saying “Thank you” with a smile is a universal way to show appreciation for another. People can choose to show appreciation in any way they wish, but it is important that the other person is aware of the act of gratitude for it to be effective.

In social settings, people choose to show appreciation because it is a proper, polite response to welcome words and deeds. Offering a thoughtful card, a bouquet of flowers or a small gift is a nice gesture if one feels a strong spirit of thankfulness. An individual may choose to show gratitude through an act of affection or a solid handshake to show sincerity. One can also compose a letter or an email to place genuine thanks into heartfelt words.

Whether one offers thanks to a colleague, family member, co-worker or friend, showing gratitude makes everyone involved feel better. According to, people who give thanks regularly experience many health benefits and maintain a positive attitude throughout life. Giving thanks in some form is an acceptable way to acknowledge the kind acts of another, but people who do not give thanks are often perceived as rude and ungrateful in many cultures.

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