How to Arrange Meat Trays?


You should have several different types of meats available on a meat tray. It is best to arrange each type separately on the plate. You can have thin slices available of each type with a fork for spearing the meat. You can also layer the slices with cheese or you can wrap meat slices around pickles and cheese to user as finger foods.
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How to Arrange Meat Trays
If you are having a party, a meat tray can be a lovely addition to your table. Tastes among guests vary, so it's a good idea to offer a variety of options. You can purchase a ready-made meat tray, but making one yourself will save you money.... More »
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Pick out the tray and meats, and cheeses if you like, that you want to make up your meat tray. Pick one of the meats. Roll each slice into a log shape, about 1/2 inch across, and place on the tray, outer edge, with one of the ends of the meat pointing toward the center of the tray. Add another roll of meat next to this one, and another and another, working your way around the edge of the tray. Alternate the meats, and the cheeses if you like, to create a pattern. When you have finished going around the plate edge, start on the center, overlapping the outer edge by an inch or two. Again, work around the plate, following the pattern made by the outer edge. If there is room, you can add a cheese or spinach dip bowl to the center, but it is not needed.
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1. Roll each slice of deli meat into a log and cut it into individual servings. Cutting them into halves will allow the guest to either eat it on its own or on a cracker, but it will
Party tray's are not usually made as to a certain amount per person that will attend the party. They are made as to the size you want and they type of meat you want on them.
1 If available, lay down your protective layer. It's usually made of white paper or some kind of advertisement. It absorbs your spills and helps prevent your things from sliding around
it's the piece of styrofoam that holds a chunk of meat.
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