How to Arrange Vegetable Trays?


When arranging the vegetable trays wash the vegetables and then group them by colour or type. Arrange the trays by stacking them side to side.
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1. Choose a variety of different colored vegetables. This will make your vegetable tray more aesthetically pleasing than just a one-dimensional-colored tray. Depending on the season
1 If available, lay down your protective layer. It's usually made of white paper or some kind of advertisement. It absorbs your spills and helps prevent your things from sliding around
Vegetable trays usually contain broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks, peeled,
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Cut in to strips some fresh celery, carrots, fresh brocolli, cauliflour, and yellow peppers. Arrange on tray around a bowl of ranch dip. Decorate with radish ...
1. Arrange your vegetables on a serving tray that matches the event's decor and place it on your appetizer serving table. Group together your vegetables by relation ...
Cheese trays are a great item for your party. Cheese trays are usually arranged with the cheese cut into wedges or slices, formed in a large ring around a center ...
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