How to Ask a Guy to Marry You?


There are many ways that you can ask a guy to marry you. Think of creative ways that you would like to propose such as asking him by spelling the proposal out in rose petals. Do something that makes you comfortable and will be memorable.
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How to Ask a Guy to Marry You
If you're a woman, you likely didn't grow up thinking about how you might propose to your man if the time ever came. Traditionally it's the man who grows up learning he must do this. But nothing says you can't switch it around and be the one to create... More »
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1. Find something that interests him and incorporate it into the moment. barbecue fire image by A74.FR Ben Fontaine from Create a list of the top three things that interest
There are many romantic ways in which you can ask someone to marry you. You can start with a romantic dinner and flowers. For desert you can get on your knee and using the sweetest
To figure out how to ask a man to marry you, you need to take the time to craft such a proposal or request. A proposal is a huge step in a person's life; the more time and thought
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