How to Ask Question to Recruiter?


The following are some good questions to ask at a job interview: Where did you get my name? What can you tell me about the position? How many people work for this company/this department? Who is the hiring manager? Are you working on a retainer or contingency? How long have your worked with this client? Why is this job open? How long has it been open? Is this job opening due to growth or replacement? What happened to the previous person in the position? What is the compensation range for this position? What is the typical career path for this position? Has the company had any layoffs in the last two years? Is the company profitable? What is the company culture? How soon are you looking to fill the position? Is there anything else you'd like to know? What is the next step for consideration? These are among many other questions that can be asked.
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If you have special training, such as ROTC or Junior ROTC, ask the recruiter about opportunities that may be available to you. You may also wish to discuss the minimum requirements
How am I doing as far as my skills.
Though some questions may be more difficult to ask than others, it is almost always easiest to just ask the question directly. You may be surprised by the answer!
I have two questions I like. 1. "What do you do for fun?" If the answer is "Mostly just watch some TV", run the other way. Almost invariably, the intelligent and
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You can a recruitment manager the following questions ;1. What are the Target companies or the kinds of companies you would like candidates out of? a) Are you ...
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