How to Ask Thinking Questions?


There are many philosophical questions that can make you think for days. Questions such as 'what is the meaning of life' are hard to define and pin down the answer to. In addition, questions such as that can have a different answer from one person to another.
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1. Determine the purpose of your question. Ask yourself what piece of knowledge you hope to gain by the answer. Questions can be broken down into six categories: what, why, how, who
When you are asking a question you need to be sure that the question is open ended. That means that you will allow some sort of response to your question. Your question may start
"What does RSVP stand for?" is the most commonly asked question involving the RSVP cards that often appear in invitations to events. While this FAQ tackles that subject,
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Deep thinking questions are questions that require critical thinking and cannot be answered with a yes or no. They do not have a right or wrong answer. Deep thinking ...
Lateral thinking is tackling questions through other means, such as creative thought or indirectly. Lateral thinking is finding answers to problems by looking ...
A critical thinking question is one that guides you through the assessment of an article, book or movie. The aid the reader in evaluating and understanding the ...
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