How to Assemble a Bowflex?


Bowflex is an exercise machine used for strength and cardio exercise. To assemble it, first find the four caps on a base stand. Then, place the connector on the lower bottom tower. Set the bundle and the threaded screws and constrict them to fasten the rod to the plate. Finally, line up the holes, put cushions on the rods end and lower the bench to the holder that is on the seat.
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1. Insert the right and left frame rail connectors into the base frame and rear cross member, then secure the connectors using 6 washers and 3/4" button head screws, but do not
Here is a direct link to Bowflex website. Click on the correct manual for your model:…. Source(s) 21 plus years in computer support.
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My guess is almost the same amount it weighs unassembled. Look up a website that sells it and look for the shipping weight. This should give you a good idea. Subtract the styrofoam
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You can find the Bowflex XTL assembly manual online at the Bowflex website. You can also find the manual at Download DXFI. You can find a manual of exercises for ...
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