How to Assemble a Hillary Tent?


In order to assemble a Hillary tent you will need a ground tarp and a hammer. Begin by unfolding the tent so it lays flat on the ground with the door facing towards the campfire area. Hammer a steak into each loop on the corners of the tent and into the ground.
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1. Find a level, dry surface large enough to place your tent on and then decide which way you want the door to face. Remove any rocks, sticks, or debris from the ground and then unfold
1 Take the unassembled tent out of the package. The tent will likely consist of poles and a large, tarp-like sheet of cloth or plastic. Look at the instructions and ensure that you
Read the instructions. Watch the You Tube. Source(s)….
call 1800 338 7000 and give then the item # 15600 and they will send you instructions From Mr. Tent: Greatland is also made by Academy Broadway (Wenzel) . They sent me the directions
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How to Assemble a Hillary Tent
Hillary tents are manufactured by three different tent companies and sold by Sears department stores. Options range from backpacking dome tents to large-scale family dome tents with covered picnic flies. Almost all of the tents come with a rainfly and... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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