How do you assemble a York multi gym?


Although most individuals enjoy using the gym for exercise purposes, majority of them do not know how to assemble any type of gym. Before assembling York multi gym individuals should make sure they have enough spaces fro installing the gym. Steps of assembling it include' firstly an individual should remove all the parts of the gym and arrange them where they can be easily seen and picked. After doing this, one should start by assembling the bench of the multi gym, by placing he upholstered bench on a table top. The third step involves attaching of the leg curl assembly component to the bench. This is followed by assembling of the standing unit of the multi gym that should be followed by the last step of attaching the two poles that will support the weight stack tot he base that was previously laid down.
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1. Place the bench face down on a table and and screw the legs into the bottom of the bench. Attach the black plastic plugs to the bottom of each leg. 2. Assemble the leg curl unit
York Multi Gym products can be purchased directly from the York Fitness website. In addition to the Warrior Multi Gym, they sell other fitness equipment such as treadmills and ab
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I think you'd be safest calling the manufacturers.
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