How to Assemble Small Block Chevy?


There are several things you will need like a gasket kit , assembly lube, silicone sealer,and new bearings. You will start by assembling the block with the crank, pistons,and connecting rods. After that you will want to install the heads, cam and timing gears and chain. Now you can install the lifters and the push rods. remember while assembling you should coat every piece with lube. Now that you are this far you can install the rocker arms, oil pan, and valve covers.
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You build or assemble a small block chevrolet motor by installing various engine parts such as pistons, rings, and crankshaft to a small block engine block. For more information see here: Building a Small Block Chevy Step by Step;
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1. Soak the new lifters in engine oil for at least 5 or 6 hours, but preferably overnight. While the lifters are soaking, line up all the new parts and the nuts and bolts and get
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The Chevy 'Small Block' is an engine which was first designed over 50 years ago. It's...
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1. Apply engine assembly lube to the bearing and lobe surfaces of the camshaft. Insert the camshaft into the front of the engine. 2. Attach the timing chain to ...
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