How to Attach a Wedding Veil?


From my own experience you can attach a wedding veil with bobby pins. When doing so you need to be careful to hide the bobby pin from sight. You wouldn't want them visible in your wedding portraits. A good hair dresser can help you when attaching a wedding veil.
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1. Measure the headband from end to end. Cut a piece of nylon thread or clear fishing line twice as long. 2. String a clear or pearl bead onto the thread. 3. Place both ends of the
For a bride on her wedding day, one of the most important things that must absolutely go right is the attachment of her wedding veil. Aside from the gown, this is the one piece of
1 Consider Your Dress . One of the most important considerations is selecting a veil that complements your dress. Ad 2 Assess where the key focal points occur on your dress. For example
If it is synthetic or silk then bleaching it with a chlorine bleach is a definite NO. It will disintegrate.
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How to Attach a Wedding Veil
Every bride expects style and function to meet, without fail, on her wedding day. From the dress to the train to the veil, brides hire teams of professionals (or close friends) to make sure their look comes together in one masterful glow of extravagance.... More »
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