How to Attract Whitetail Deer?


To attract whitetail deer when hunting, use Tink69 deer scent. If trying to attract them when not hunting, put out a salt lick or deer feed.
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To hunt whitetail deer, you will first need to purchase a rifle or a bow. Then you will need to find land to hunt on. Once you do that, spend the day hunting. Good luck! For more
What do you need to do after making a shot on a whitetail deer. First CALM DOWN and watch where you last spotted the deer. Mark the tree stand up high with flagging tape and watch
The best way to attract Whitetail Deer us to use proper scents and faux
Step 1 : Pull out snack " Beef jerky , candy bar, boiled peanuts ect. ". Step 2: Go into truck for snack break. Step 3: Take nap. Step 4 :Leave ammo in truck or at home.
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There has been many that has used vanilla to attract deer and had success. You may try spraying it on you and also maybe putting it in a small container near ...
1. Learning how to use doe bleats and grunts can improve your hunting with little effort. Turkey hunters have used female sounds to attract gobblers for years, ...
The whitetail deer rut is a hunting adventure where the Whitetail deer is the prime target of the adventure. The whitetail deer rut is usually held at different ...
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