How to Avoid Paying Alimony?


If you want to know how to avoid paying alimony, you might consult with a good attorney. Your attorney can advise you on your obligations, and settlements.
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To avoid paying alimony, you will need to carefully plan the parts of your life that the divorce court will examine! For example, the spouse with the lower income is typically the one that will receive the alimony. Also, you can sign a prenuptial agreement! You can find more information here:
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Alimony payments vary from state to state and case to case. Generally speaking, one spouse only needs to pay alimony when the other spouse was dependent on the other spouse for support
1. Divorce your spouse. Without a divorce, there is no need for alimony to be paid or earned. Even if you are separated, no alimony will be distributed. 2. Talk to your lawyer. Ask
If you have already been ordered to do so, there probably isn't much you can do, unless your ex gets a new job with higher income.then you could appeal or at least get it reduced.
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Alimony is money that one person pays to another after a divorce. This is not to be confused with child support which is money to support the child. Alimony is ...
To not have to pay alimony, you should get married. This is the only 100% guarantee to not have to pay. To fight your spouse from collecting alimony, you should ...
In a divorce, alimony may have to be paid and this is something that has to be ironed out in court. If a spouse refuses to pay alimony that has been court ordered ...
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