How do you babysit?


To babysit; meet with the family of the child, know what is expected of you, ask questions and get contact information. It is also good to know; the family's expectation, what the children like to play and what the rules of the house are. Arrive 10-15 minutes early so that the children can adjust before their parents leave.
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Plan everything!! Plan some activities for the kids you're babysitting. But take in account the age of the child or children. If you're going to plan a craft or something challenging
1 Prepare for the job . Check your calendar to make sure you are available when asked to babysit. This will help avoid the frustration of a last minute change of plans due to poor
Babysitting contracts may seem unnecessary. But think about it: You wouldn't hire someone to fix your deck without a contract, so why would you hire someone to watch your child without
1. Hang fliers around your neighborhood. You may want to hang some in other communities where you would like to babysit. Be sure to include any babysitting certifications you have
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First off you need to tell parents about yourself and be a dependable person. You must be trustworthy, responsible and patient. Great way to make money. For more information look here:; Babysitting an infant
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