How to Bait a Crab or Lobster Trap?


Bait for a lobster trap may refer to fish or chum, which is usually placed inside a trap and then dropped onto the sea floor. To bait a crab or lobster trap, consider using artificial bait and then tie your bait to the trap using twine or wire to stop small fish and crustaceans from getting into the net. Finally tie the bait at the bottom center of the trap.
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How to Bait a Crab or Lobster Trap
A great way to cut the costs of seafood and get outdoors for some exercise is to trap your own crabs or lobsters. You've got the trap, but know nothing about the kind of bait to use. Luckily, baiting a crab or lobster trap is easy.... More »
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1. Consider using artificial bait. The smell of the bait draws the lobsters into it. Some artificial baits are actually smelly sprays you spray into the trap to attract the crabs
Answer Dead fish. They are bottom feeders, after all.
A bunker and chicken neck combo would be the best to catch
FISH HEADS.ask your supermarket seafood guy.he'll toss you them for free.throw him a tip and he might save em for you the day you want to go!
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You can use lobster traps to trap lobsters and crayfish. Place fish inside the trap to act as bait. The traps are usually dropped to the sea floor, where they ...
Lobster is a delicacy many people love to eat. The problem is how expensive it can be. It is actually not that hard to catch your own if you live near the ocean. ...
1. Purchase your bait. If you are near a dock where crabbers congregate, a bait store may be a good choice. Select chicken neck, turkey neck, or fish such as shad ...
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