How to Basket Weaving?


A simple basket can be woven from cardboard by making markings of about 0.64cm on a cardboard and cutting out a number of strips. Half of the strips are woven into the others by passing them up and down to form squares. The remaining lengths of the strips are folded upwards and the strips are subsequently woven around until it is complete.
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1. Boil water. Place the bundles of pine needles in a pot and pour the water over them. Soak for 30 minutes and towel dry. 2. Gather pieces of pine needles 1 inch in diameter. Cut
1 Get a bundle of willow shoots. Baskets can be made with any type of pliable reed, grass, vine or branch, but willow is a popular choice because it creates such a sturdy basket when
Coiled Basketry. /basket. using grasses and rushes and then sewing the coils together can be the tightest weave, and if those baskets are soaked in water
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