How to Be a Bad Boy?


To become a bad boy, one needs to be indpenedent and his own man. One should not ask for permission to do anything and also he should show leadership qualities and be very decisive. One needs to carry themselves with power and dignity. There is a record label called Bad Boy which was founded in 1993 by Sean Combs, who is popularly known as Diddy, and Mark Pitts. The company is based in New York City.
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1. Ask yourself why you keep falling for bad boys. Look deep inside yourself to find the need that the bad boys are fulfilling. Perhaps you love the drama. It could also be that you
1. Above all, be a man. You have your own time, your own dreams, and your own plans, and you should almost never compromise them to make someone else happy (romantic interest or not
First of all, I am not talking about bad boys as in typical criminals. They may be attractive to typical criminal women but that's out of scope for this answer. I'm talking about
In Irish it would be. buachaill dána. (a 'bold' boy) In Scottish Gaelic, balach dàna (verify)'...
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Being a bad boy is all about attitude. Bad boys do not care about being proper or decent. The appeal of a bad boy is that he is wild and untamed, and you really shouldn't be with him, but you just cannot resist.
If you want to know how to be a bad boy you need to first look at other bad boy artist and see do you fit their profile. If you have what it takes then start making your demo and present it to the label for consideration.
Being a bad boy is something that comes from the inside. You can dress like a bad boy but it won't necessarily mean you are one. Try some loose fitting jeans, some cool kicks and a baggy T.
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