What is a Game Warden?


A game warden is an officer charged with enforcing wildlife laws and hunting regulations. Game wardens work to catch poachers and to protect people using public lands.
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1. Participate in at least six months of activities relating to conservation and involving game, fish, water safety or parks. One of the easiest ways to gain this experience is to
1 Amount of time outside and away from family and home. They work odd hours and are on call when not working. [1] Many game warden positions are highly independent, and junior wardens
A Game Warden is a Peace Officer who patrols designated areas to prevent Fish and Game violations such as poaching. They also inspect damage to property caused by wildlife.
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A game warden is a person who works in the role of protecting wildlife. This person may also be known as trooper, wildlife trooper, or conservation trooper. Game ...
A game warden refers to the person who manages and supervises the population of wildlife and game. He/she normally has various duties such as looking out for poachers ...
Arkansas game wardens work for the Enforcement Division of the Game and Fish Commission. They are highly trained officers of the law with full police jurisdiction ...
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