How to Be a Successful Drug Dealer?


There truly is no such thing as a successful drug dealer. Sooner or later, something is bound to happen. Prison, violence or both are all part of the package. That's not success.
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1. Obtain a degree in art. As explained at, "Most art dealers have a bachelor's degree in Art History, but many have a master's degree. Work or volunteer in an
Drug dealing is illegal and can send you to prison. It's best to follow the
In a single word, being a drug dealer was exhilarating. Immense rewards, more than I realized at the time, but also unbelievable stress, unavoidable paranoia, and most difficult of
Your typical drug dealer is going to be friendly and super-hetty, but most of all super stoned. (look for the red eyes)
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Dealing drugs is against the law, since you're not supposed to possess it, deal it, or use it. I suggest finding a real occupation, since this one is trouble!
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The jail sentence for drug dealers is 10 years to life imprisonment for any person over the age of 21. This will apply to anyone who tries to give drugs to someone ...
Alberto Alpo Martinez was a drug dealer from Harlem. He made a lot of money selling cocaine and heroine all across the east coast of the United States. In 1992 ...
Wayne Silk Perry is an infamous African-American hit-man from Washington DC. Wayne Perry worked to protect Harlem drug dealer Alberto Alpo Martinez. Perry allegedly ...
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