How to Be Size Zero?


To get to size zero, count your calories and eat right. Load your plate with lean protein such as chicken, fish and legumes, get plenty of vegetables and stick to complex carbohydrates. Exercise a lot and track your progress by measuring how much you exercise, your weight and your measurements. Be patient and be accepting since losing weight the healthy way is a process.
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There isn't one, it depends on your shape/height and the brand of clothing. I would say the majority of people who wear a size zero are underweight, or are quite close to being so
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Size zero is a term used in the US catalogue size system to refer to a woman's clothing size. It is often used to refer to extremely thin individuals, especially ...
There are several ways of getting to a size zero. For instance, you can perform cardio exercise daily to elevate the heart rate to a level, which supports maximum ...
Size 0 is a women's clothing size in the US catalog sizes method, roughly equal to a UK size 4. Size 0 and 00 were invented due to the varying of clothing sizes ...
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