How do you beat "Grow Island"?


To beat the Grow Island game, you will need to search the island for all of the needed items. You will then need to use the items to perform certain actions in order to beat the game.
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Screw,pick axe,wood,steering wheel,trash can thingy,battery,computer,glass fire thingy.
If you want to learn how to beat astro knights island, you have two solutions. Either ramifications of the game or using player actions. The following site:
1. Dodge the projectiles Mordred is shooting at you, and his sword arms, while you fly below him. 2. Pick up one of the bombs Mordred is dropping and fly above him and drop the bomb
1. You need to go across the street to the comic shop and get the super hero survival guide and then go straight and pick out a costume of your choice or you don't have to have one,
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