How to Beat the Stacker Game?


The stacker game can be beat through practice. Everyone can get better at something by practicing it enough. This is true of the stacker game and anything else in life.
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1. Decide which stack of milk bottles you are going to throw the ball at. 2. Stand in front of the bottles then step either left or right to gain the advantage of an angle when throwing
Essentially you can't beat the machine until its internal clock has gotten
Unfortunately, carnival games are set up so that you can't win! You might 'win' a small prize, but that is just to entice you to spend more money as you shoot for the bigger prize.
'there is no possible way to when stackers every time you try. but there are tips in trying to win. 1) Make sure you have good hand eye coordination. if u can get to the second to
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Stacker arcade games seem to be pretty random winning wise. ChaCha on! ...
Beating the game will depend on which game you are playing. There are claw games, carnival games, etc., and you can beat them all by using different methods. ...
The site does not say how ...
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