How do you become a bishop?


To become a bishop, one would need to be involved in the church. It is always a good idea to begin as a minister or a priest. One would have to work one's way up the ladder within the church until he reaches the position of the bishop. In most cases the people who become bishops have been involved in the church for at least twenty years. These people tend to be extremely active in the clergy and also often have an educational degree that includes theology.
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In order to become a bishop you must first be an ordained Catholic priest. Priests are chosen by existing Bishops to be recommended to the Archbishop as a candidate worthy of becoming
1. Become a priest. This requires formal training, including a four year degree in theology. Once you complete your degree, you will spend anywhere between four and five years in
To become a Catholic bishop you must be a priest and you must be ordained as a bishop by any member of the clergy of bishop or higher, such as a Patriarch or Cardinal. You must of
1. The bishops of a province give their archbishop the names of priests they think
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For a person to become a bishop the person must first be a priest, and then he/she must be then ordained as a bishop by a clergy member of bishop or of higher spiritual position, such as Cardinal or patriarch. Such a person must have been a good priest, pastor and leader, must be a good teacher of the Faith and pastor of souls.
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