How to Become a Canadian Diplomat?


To become a Canadian diplomat, you'll need to obtain a degree in a subject that relates to the field, like anthropology, world affairs, or economics. The Canadian government has an extensive examination and interview process that you could then enter and hopefully become an official Canadian diplomat.
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Many diplomats or ambassadors are actually appointed through the United States Department of the State. Many diplomats and ambassadors typically have a lot of experience either working
1. Obtain an undergraduate degree. The major and whether it is a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science is unimportant; however, a degree in criminal justice may help prepare you
1 Find out the criteria to become a diplomat in your country. Contact the government agency that handles international relations. In the United States, it is the Department of State
Foreign languages, anthropology, international relations and economics are all good subjects to study. Just visit this page for more information:
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To become a Canadian diplomat, you must be a Canadian Citizen. You need to be charismatic, a quick thinker, smooth talker and some what manipulative. Another requirement ...
You need to be between the ages of 20 to 59 in order to become a diplomat. It's best to be financially responsible. I'd also make sure that I don't have a drug ...
The first qualification to become a diplomat is suitability where Candidates must be a citizen and a legal adult and flawlessly, post-secondary education must ...
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