How can I become a caregiver?


A caregiver is responsible for the care of another person. If you have a giving nature and a nurturing desire to help people in need, you can work as a caregiver. There are several ways to officially become a caregiver.

  1. Get hired by a home care facility or agency

    Find home care agencies that hire and train caregivers. Contact The National Association of Home Care and Hospice locator for a listing of home care facilities and agencies in your area. Contact adult family homes, nursing homes and boarding homes to see if they are hiring. Visit websites to learn more about the available openings and types of facilities they operate.

  2. Contact a Home Care Referral Registry

    Find out about the Referral Registries that connect Medicaid consumers with caregivers. Look in the help wanted section of your local paper to see if anyone is offering a caregiver position. Check bulletin boards for advertisements in senior centers, hospitals, grocery stores, libraries, places of worship or doctors offices.

  3. Contract with the state

    Find someone who lives at home and needs Medicaid to cover care service. Contract with the state to provide needed services as an Individual Provider. Make sure you meet the requirements to provide services as an Individual Provider. Make sure you are 18 or older, and pass a criminal background investigation. Provide your picture ID and have authorization to work in the United States. Make sure you are not the spouse of the individual receiving care. Complete the caregiver training requirements and sign a contract, agreeing to the conditions stipulated.

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You must have some sort of experience in order to become a caregiver. You should try by volunteering at a nursing home or a daycare center first to give you the skills then you should
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The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is currently [1.21.2011] not finalized. However, once completed, a nominal fee will be used to apply for caregiver status. As a caregiver you are
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You will need to complete a caregiver certification program. Some of your local nursing homes or hospice care companies may offer this certification. There are ...
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