How do you become a daycare owner?


If you want to become a daycare owner you have to do few steps first. Get all the papers and then make sure that you have completed all the licensing requirements that are needed. Then prepare for the licensing inspection to come to your daycare center.
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1. Determine the need for a daycare center in the area in which you seek to create one. Contact families in the area through local schools and municipalities and establish focus groups
1 Get in contact with the department of child services for your state to determine the laws and requirements within your locality. Rules and regulations differ from state to state
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How to Become a Daycare Owner
The daycare business is exploding for a number of reasons. First, the demands of the economy require more and more parents to work in order to pay basic cost of living expenses. Second, the divorce rate has stayed steadily high, while the total... More »
Difficulty: Challenging
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