How to Become a Deacon?


The process and length of time it takes to become a deacon varies depending on the diocese you are in. The first step is becoming a catholic as Deacons are part of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Each diocese has its own requirements for becoming a deacon, so you should consult your local diocese for more information.
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How to Become a Deacon
Deacons in the Roman Catholic Church comprise what is called the Diaconate, which is a holy order. Deacons are comparable to priests in the Catholic Church, except that they serve a mainly ministerial role and assist the priest or bishop in the liturgy.... More »
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It is an extensive process that takes about five years. There are many considerations when seeking this position. Good luck to you if this is your goal.
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To become a Catholic deacon one must complete a four or five year training that is similar to a collegiate course of study. The study included biblical study, philosophy, theology
1. Become Catholic. Deacons are part of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, and as such, it is necessary to become Catholic and receive the call from God to enter the religious
a deacon is supposed to be a man of one wife. who knows how to run his family well.
1 Become heavily involved in a parish located in the diocese in which you wish to be ordained. Get to know all members of the church leadership, as well as a significant portion of
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A Catholic Deacon is an ordained minister of the Roman Catholic Church. To become one, you will need to meet the baptismal requirements. You will also need to ...
Deacons are ordained ministers of the Roman Catholic Church. They perform various services at the parish level and are regarded as servants of the Pope. To become ...
To become a Baptist church deacon, the steps will vary slightly depending on the actual church. In most cases, you will need to have a good reputation and be true ...
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