How to Become a Fortune Teller?


To become a fortune teller, you will need to have a good comprehension of psychology. Communication, language, and listening skills are also important for those who want to become a fortune teller. You will need to study astrology and palm reading, either by taking a course or by allowing someone with knowledge train you. In addition, it might be necessary to have a certification or license in some countries.
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1. Find out whether you need a license. Apply for and buy a license, if you are in a state that requires it such as California and Massachusetts. 2. Get a storefront to see clients
Paper fortune tellers have always been popular for school-age children, and they can even be fun for adults! What makes them even better is that all you need to make it is a piece
In my opinion most fortune tellers are highly intuitive. The ones that I have seen take clues from client's responses to tell them about what would normally happen if behaviors are
If you are in an area that requires you to have a license then you should obtain
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