How to Become a Gerber Baby?


To become a gerber baby is most likely to happen by winning a photo contest. Submit your childs photo to the next gerber baby competition and all needed info for your chance to win.
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1. Compile a list of talent agents who actively send out talent to Gerber baby model auditions. You can find such agents in the Resource section below. 2. Take a photo of your baby
Ann Turner first appeared on Gerber baby food jars in 1928, and her image is still being used today in over eighty countries.Her married name is Ann Turner Cook. She is a retired
The website The Cute Kid holds an annual cutest kids contest to help pick Gerber
1. Safety first! Make sure that the baby can't hurt his or herself, or fall. Check if there's any poison or if the dog is aggressive. Remember to call 911 if there's a emergency.
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To become a Gerber baby model, the baby needs to have an impressive portfolio by asking a professional photographer to take the photos. Show the portfolio to a ...
No, Brooke Shields is not the Gerber Baby. Ann Turner Cook is the original Gerber baby and her same picture still adheres to Gerber baby food jars today. You ...
For you to be able to order for a Gerber baby spoon, log onto and click on the 'Special Offers' link and find the link for 'Promotions.' Choose the ...
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