How to Become a Hospital Orderly?


First and foremost, you will need four years of education with a clean record without any convictions to even get your foot in the door to be an hospital orderly. Then you will get on the job training being a nurse. Becoming a Hospital Orderly
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Orderlies should possess physical strength and stamina. One of their main duties is lifting patients onto and out of beds. They help nurses turn bed-ridden patients at regular intervals
A hospital orderly is someone who works in a hospital and does most of the heavy lifting that a nurse be it male or female would not be able to do.
1. Become a CNA. A person must become a CNA before they can apply to be a PCT at a hospital. Most community colleges have a program that can train the student and make them eigible
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You need to have at least 4 years of secondary education and no criminal convictions. You must have a full and clean driver's license. The skills needed are basic nursing, hospital health and safety procedures and security procedures.
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