How to Become a Land Developer?


Land developers normally purchase land or property which is not in use and develop it. They then sell the land or property that has been developed at a profit. To become a land developer, skills such as team work and management, marketing and sales skills and technical knowledge are required. A course in Property Development is an added advantage.
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1. Find a parcel of land. Land developers take raw or underdeveloped land and then develop it to the point that it can be used for something, whether it's an office building or a
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It fluctuates greatly on location and amount of business, after all it is commission based. From what I've learned, a commercial real estate developer, or land developer's annual
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How To Become a Land Developer
Land development is a field that can offer a lot of financial gain if you go about it properly. It also requires you to be exhausting in your examination of the property, what it can be used for, its location and all the pros and cons of the land. You'll... More »
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