How can I become a licensed daycare provider?


Licensed, responsible child care givers are in high demand throughout the United States because parents want excellent care for their young children while they are at work. Each state has different requirements and processes for obtaining a license. The steps below are generalized and may vary depending on local licensing requirements.

  1. Identify state and local requirements

    An internet search can identify the department in your state or county that licenses child care providers. A local website might even list the exact requirements. Make certain to get current information because licensing requirements change frequently. There is certain to be paperwork involved as well as work in preparing the home to be safe for children.

  2. Obtain a city business license if necessary

    A home daycare is likely to need a city business license as well as the state child care license. This should be done early in the process in case there is a problem in obtaining the license.

  3. Follow the instructions carefully for childproofing your facility

    Some of the safety requirements are obvious, such as covering electrical outlets and making certain dangerous chemicals are out of the children's reach. Others are more obscure, such as the heating system or the door locks. It is very likely that an inspection is required to make certain the facility is safe.

  4. Take necessary classes and finish paperwork for all applicable programs

    Some states do not require a great deal of training; others require several classes on safety, first aid, poison control and so on. Also check on possible subsidies available to reimburse the costs of food for the children. This federal program adds substantially to the income but also requires significant paperwork and regular classes.

  5. Get your license and welcome children

    Once the facility is officially licensed, advertise that fact and start looking for clients. Provide a loving, welcoming atmosphere for the children.

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