How to Become a Licensed Dog Breeder?


The first thing you will want to do, before you give serious consideration to breeding dogs, is to read up on your chosen breed so that you possess all the information you will need - and have the ability to make your decision knowledgeably.

If you still want to breed dogs, you will then want to begin attending dog shows, so that you can build rapport with known breeders and see what is looked for in show-quality specimens of your chosen breed.

When you are ready to get started, you will want to acquire your breeding stock from a breeder you have gotten to know. It is difficult to find breeders who will just hand over non-neutered breeding stock to just any novice who asks for them, so it is important either to know 'who to go to' or to save yourself the time and just make yourself appear trustworthy to someone who is easy to find.

Show the dogs that you intend to breed. Get THEIR reputation out there so that people will line up to buy their puppies when the time comes.

You will not need a formal license if you are breeding dogs out of your home. If you plan on starting a commercial facility, the USDA will need to inspect the premises and approve it for its intended use.

Please make sure all of your breeding stock has been genetically tested, and that the appropriate registration papers have been obtained - if this has not been done, the puppies cannot be registered and your reputation will greatly suffer.
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The road to become a dog breeder is one of dedication to your breed and to your animals. Be prepared to do lots of research before you ever think about tossing two dogs together.
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There is no licensing necessary to become a dog breeder, unless you have so many animals that you require a kennel permit. However, to be a code of ethics breeder, you'll need to do a lot of research, starting with the American Kennel Club. Don't forget to check with your local city regulations concerning the number of animals you are allowed to have. For more information look here: American Kennel Club breeder resources ;
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There are several things you need to do to become a registered dog breeder. You must own a registered, pure bred dog. You will need to register for a breeder's ...
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