How do you become a licensed tattoo artist?


Learning how to become a licensed tattoo artist requires a lot of patience. You must find a specialty school in your area. After completing required course work, you will have to work under an established tattoo artist for an extended amount of time, approximately three years. This may sound easy enough; however, finding someone that will let you work under them, using their name and credentials, may be hard. Requirements may vary depending on your state of residence, but as long as you have talent and time you will be sure to make it.
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First visit the website or contact the state health authority in the state in which you want to work. Get a list of the approved training programs near you and the number of hours
Becoming a Licensed Tattoo Artist In most cases in order to become a licensed tattooist or artist you should either go to tattoo school,or find a licensed artist (tattooist). Try
There is no formal education required to become a tattooist; becomi...
depends on the state youre in. call your health department and they'll tell you. i'm tattooing in SC now, (was in NC), and the laws there (in SC) are quite strict.
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