How to Become a Multi Millionaire?


In order to become a multi-millionaire you have to think of a business that you want to start that would generate millions of dollars. . Once you have determined your business you need to make a good business plan and then go for it. You can also invest in stocks, bonds, etc and become a mulit millionaire.
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How to Become a Multi Millionaire
Becoming a multi millionaire is no different than to become a millionaire. The only experts in this field are those who've been there and done that. All agree that mega wealth is not attained from a good job, treating "savings" like a monthly bill or... More »
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1. Examine your thoughts about money. Develop a healthy value for money. If you think money is evil, you won't attract it. 2. Test your feelings about money. Immerse yourself in a
Investing very wisely getting an excellent job that pays excellent money and saving up your money very wisely.
To become a millionaire, you either have to put in a lot of hard work, or be lucky and win the lottery. There is also the chance of being on the gameshows where you can win millions
Everyone wants to become a millionaire but, everyone doesn't have this knowledge. Read it and you'll be way ahead of the game. Source(s) http://
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To become a multi millionaire examine your thoughts about money, Test your feelings about money and then become self employed or ask your boss to compensate you ...
Becoming a millionaire doesn't happen overnight unless, you are so lucky that you win the lottery. Your chances of that happening is one in a billion though. It's ...
Everyone wants to become a millionaire and getting there is where the challenge lies. You could possibly win the lottery and become an instant millionaire. If ...
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