How do you become a private hire driver in the United Kingdom?


To become a private hire driver in the UK, you should have the legal work permit. You must have a full UK driving licence. You have to pay the fee and pass the tests, such as medical, DSA practical test, and knowledge test. To get more information about becoming a private hire driver, visit:
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1. Take and pass the Driving Standards Agency private hire assessment test. You are to provide a suitable vehicle for the test. It does not have to be yours, but you must be insured
How one becomes a private hire taxi driver will depend on the country one is in. In the UK it would be necessary to apply to the Department of Transport for an appropriate licence.
Hackney carriage and private hire drivers are licensed for the safety and protection of the public. In order to qualify as a private hire or hackney driver, the applicant must:
You must apply to the council for a licence. To apply for the licence you need to submit:
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