How do you become a private hire driver in the United Kingdom?


To become a private hire driver in the UK, you should have the legal work permit. You must have a full UK driving licence. You have to pay the fee and pass the tests, such as medical, DSA practical test, and knowledge test. To get more information about becoming a private hire driver, visit:
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1. Take and pass the Driving Standards Agency private hire assessment test. You are to provide a suitable vehicle for the test. It does not have to be yours, but you must be insured
How one becomes a private hire taxi driver will depend on the country one is in. In the UK it would be necessary to apply to the Department of Transport for an appropriate licence.
I didn't request a quote (and of course "prices vary by location" but First Student ( http://www.firstcharterb. suggests rates of $1.50 per passenger per hour.
Private taxi drivers usually drive their own taxi units. To be an efficient private taxi driver, you should have a good sense of direction and good customer service skills. Customers
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