How to Become a Psychoanalyst?


Becoming a psychoanalyst requires supervised training at a psychoanalytic institute. NPAP is the world's largest professional organization for psychoanalysts. Psychoanalysts undergo the most extensive and lengthy training of nearly any profession, which typically last for six or more years. You need to be a physician, psychologists, clinical social workers or other mental health professionals before undertaking psychoanalytic training. For more information look here: Details on psychoanalysis;
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1. You want to get as good grades as you possible can. Try for straight A's. Average grades won't be good enough in the long run. Focus on getting great grades in English and Biology
Since Freud came to the United States to lecture at Clark University in 1903, psychoanalysis has been considered a sub-specialty of medicine. In the triumvirate of mental health licensing
You need to have at least a masters degree. Most psychoanalysts are medical doctors. They start by getting into a good college, where they major in anything they want. While working
There are two alternate paths: become a clinical social worker, with a license to practice therapy. This takes an undergrad degree in social work (BSW)
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You do need to major in Psychology if you decide to become a Psychoanalyst, however they may be other educational options for you pertaining to this particular ...
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