How to Become a Real Sorcerer?


You will have to begin by studying natural magic. That will lead you into the types of sorcery that you think you are interested in. Go for it!
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You have to apply to the board of Sorcerers. Just fill out the necessary paper work and pay a small fee, say a few magic words and you to can be a sorcerer.
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Sorcerer is scary! If you know someone that is already a Socerer they can help you greatly. You will need a spell book & start working on creating a spell. This will get you started
A sorcerer is one who practices black magic, witchcraft or wizardry. To become a sorcerer, you must first learn the ways of black magic. Once you learn this magic, you must use it
1. Create a character. Pull together what you need for your real wizard persona. This will include costume pieces such a pointed hat with moons and stars embroidered on it, a long
1. Qualify: In order to be a qualified individual you must. * be at least 18 years of age. * be a resident of Mississippi when your application is submitted. Qualify. : In order to
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If you want to become a sorcerer, do the following; learn illusion and slight of hand tricks as this is the way to make it believable, buy or make a costume and ...
There is no such thing as magic in real life. So when wanting to become a wizard in real life, there is no how to scenario. Magic is a very intriguing concept, ...
Legend has it that to become a real vampire, one must be bitten by a real vampire. The intentions of the biting vampire are not to kill the victim but to 'turn ...
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