How to Become a Russian Citizen?


If you want to become a Russian citizen then you have to stay in Russia for at least several years and to have permanent stay. Or you can marry there and become Russian citizen.
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1. For a Russian woman, fiancee or bride to become a US citizen through marriage, she needs to get married first. As soon as she gets her marriage certificate, she is eligible to
According to Russian law you should live 5 years in the territory
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The process to become a Russian citizen is not easy. You can apply for citizenship if you have been married to a Russian citizen for at least 3 years and pass a Russian language test. Otherwise you must get permanent residency by obtaining a work visa for at least 3 years, show proof of financial stability and pass a Russian language test. The bottom line is that you need to make sure you are going to make Russia your permanent home because the process is complicated.
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