How do you become a shapeshifter?


Only in your dreams.
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Shape shifters only exist in fiction, therefore it is impossible to become one.
Stop thinking about what you dont want and think about what you do want-this is true shapeshifting-love brings love, hate brings hate,fear attracts fear-free the mind and all else
Mouse. Once the ogre has changed into a mouse it is the end for him as the cat kills him and he and his master become heroes. The King then gives the hand of the Princess to the miller's
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A shapeshifter is a creature of myth and fiction. A shapeshifter might become a shapeshifter by magic spells or by potions. A fictional werewolf is a type of shapeshifter ...
There are several spells that intended to help one become a shapeshifter. The first step is committing to the animal you'd like to shift into. From there you should ...
Werewolves have been a subject of folklore for centuries. According to common mythology or folklore, the werewolf is a human who can shapeshift into a wolf or ...
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